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Kononova, V.V. Ponamareva and L.N. Aleksandrova directed creative groups, where detailed researches of soil organic matter were performed. The first two women were the followers of Professor I.V. Tjurin. They discussed the scientific problems and engaged in competitions with each other contributing to development of science. All three women-scientists succeeded in science, founded personal schools of thoughts and were awarded.

A constellation of remarkable women-scientists as N.I. Bazilevich, A.A. Shtina, Ye.M. Samoylova, A.A. Titlianova, T.L. Bystritskaya, T.I. Yevdokimova, B.R. Striganova, L.A. Grishina, L.I. Domracheva, T.G. and N.G. Dobrovolskie, G.V. Kovaleva, N.Yu.

Koval'skaya, G.K. Yevdokimova, N.V. Lukina and many other worked and are still working in a sphere of soil biology. Especially many outstanding researchers are in a sphere of soil microbiology. These are N.N. Sushkina (first women-professor of microbiology in the Moscow State University), E.A. Domracheva, V.P. Firsova, A.A. Shtina, T.V. Aristovskaya, A.V. Rybalkina, I.P. Bab'eva, T.G. Mirchin, G.M. Zenova, O.E. Marfenova, L.M. Polyanskaya and other. Many of them developed new lines and formed personal schools of thoughts.

Agrochemistry is developed mainly by pains of such women-scientists as E.I.

Shilova, V.V. Tserling, A.V. Koloskova, O.A. Biryukova, I.E. Koroleva, T.V. Kuznetsova, E.K. Kruglova, T.N. Kulakovskaya, A.Kh. Kulikova, D.M. Kheifets (Shtrausberg), T.P. Slavina, S.F. Korableva, L.S. Travnikova, V.V. Chuprova, I.B. Eliseeva, L.I. Inisheva, V.N.

Kreshtapova, I.N. Lozanovskaya, Z.A. Sinkevich, S.F. Spitsina, O.I. Antonova, T.A. Titova, T.A. Avdeeva and many other.

I.I. Feofarova, E.A. Yarilova, E.I. Parfenovf were at the beginnings of micromorphological researches in the country. Many women worked and are working currently in a sphere of soil mineralogy and micromorphology. These are M.M. Shushkevich, L.S. Travnikova, N.G. Minashina, A.I. Romashkevich, T.D. Morozova, T.A. Sokolova, G.V. Rusanova, T.V.

Tursina, E.B. Skvortsova, N.E. Rubilina, N.P. Chizhikova, Zh.N. Matviishina, M.I. Gerasimova, T.S. Zvereva, M.P. Verba.

The following remarkable women-scientists developed and are still developing soil chemistry: Ye.A. Domracheva, E.V. Arinushkina, E.I. Shilova, L.A. Vorob'eva, T.A. Sokolova, G.V. Motuzova, Ya.M. Ammosova, V.I. Roslikova, E.G. Nechaeva, L.N. Aleksandrova, M.D. Rydalevskaya, L.K. Sadovnikova, T.A. Sokolova. Geochemistry of soils and landscapes was intensively developed in the works of M.A. Glazovskaya, N.P. Solntseva, V.D. Vasil'evskaya, A.I. Gagarina, E.G. Nechaeva and other.

ۻ ()

Paleopedology especially as for studying the Pleistocene soils was traditionally female sphere. The following women should be mentioned here: N.A. Sirenko, T.D. Morozova, N.I. Glushankova, M.I. Dergacheva, Zh.N. Matviishina, G.A. Vorob'eva, S.A. Sycheva, L.A.

Gugalinskaya. Most of them performed their researches together with men-geologists or paleogeographers. For example N.A. Sirenko worked together with M.F. Veklich and T.D.

Morozova with A.A. Velichko et.al.

Male spheres of soil science, which require long researches in the Extreme North, or mountain regions were also developed by women. In spite difficulties and asperity of expedition life, women's passion for travels is apparently none less than that is of men (at any case it is right for women involved in studying the soil geography).

Many of the most famous women contributed significantly to development of soil genesis and geography. These are B.A. Bal'ts, E.N. Ivanova, O.N. Mikhaylovskaya, N.B.

Vernander, K.I. Trofimenko, E.V. Lobova, M.N. Pershina, N.N. Dzens-Litovskaya, O.A.

Polyntseva, A.V. Baranovskaya, N.I. Bazilevich, M.A. Glazovskaya, N.A. Nogina, I.N.

Skrytnikova, E.A. Afanas'yeva, A.V. Koloskova, I.V. Zaboeva, L.G. Yelovskaya, V.V. Ponamarieva, T.A. Romanova, A.I. Romashkevich, V.P. Firsova, A.A. Grishina, T.L. Bystritskaya, T.V. Yevdokimova, E.M. Samoylova, N.A. Karavaeva, I.I. Lebedeva, V.D. Vasil'evskaya, M.I. Gerasimova, E.I. Pankova, I.S. Urusevskaya, E.G. Nechaeva and many other. Geographers are especially abundant among the first and the second generations of the women-pedologists.

Soil classification and mapping is closely related with soil geography and genesis.

This sphere is also greatly represented by women. For example, these are Z.Ju. Shokal'skaya, Ye.N. Ivanova, Ye.B. Lobova, M.A. Glazovskaya, N.A. Nogina, I.A. Zaboyeva, I.I. Lebedeva, V.D. Vasilevskaya, N.B. Vernander, M.I. Gerasimova, A.A. Yerokhina, I.V.

Zaboyeva, N.A. Karavaeva, E.I. Pankova, L.P. Rubtsova, M.S. Simakova.

Even such sphere as soil improvement that requires technical knowledge is intensively developed by women. These are L.P. Beliakova, A.P. Biryukova, T.N. Kulakovskaya, I.N. Skrynnikova, N.I. Bazilevich, A.F. Vadyunina, N.B. Vernander, L.V. Yeterevskaya, E.S. Migunova, N.G. Minashina, A.V. Novikova, A.M. Aleksandrova, T.A. Romanova, I.B. Archegova, L.I. Inisheva, I.N. Lyubimova, N.P. Solntseva, I.F. Yurchenko, L.M. Burlakova and other.

Many women worked over agropedology. These are A.P. Biryukova, L.M. Burlakova, V.P.

Vasil'ko, N.B. Vernander, A.V. Koloskova, A.I. Kuznetsova, G.F. Lebedeva, K.I.

Trofimenko, V.V. Chuprova. The following women should be mentioned among the researchers of soil physics and agrophysics: A.F. Vadyunina, V.N. Dimo, I.V. Kuznetsova, M.K.

Mel'nikova, N.A. Mikhaylova, S.M. Pakshina, L.A. Razumova, E.D. Korchagina and other. The following famous women present forest pedology: L.A. Grishina, M.N. Pershina, E.S. Migunova, E.B. Skvortsova, V.P. Firsova.

Women develop also such new lines in pedology as soil ecology and protection, soil evolution, and archeological pedology. The first line is presented by the following women: L.A. Grishina, G.V. Motuzova, A.M. Parakshina, L.N. Tashninova, L.K. Sadovnokova, L.M. Burlakova, A.I. Gagarina, N.P. Sorokina, L.S. Il'ina, T.L. Yegoshina, I.P. Breus, L.V. Rudneva, I.M. Ryzheva, K.S. Bobkova, V.S. Arzhanova, A.F. Vedrova, the second one by V.D. Vasil'evskaya, G.A. Vorob'eva, N.A. Karavaeva, N.N. Matinyan, T.D. Morozova, E.M.

Samoylova, S.A. Sycheva, L.A. Gugalinskaya, A.M. Parakshina et.al; and the third line by M.I. Dergacheva, G.V. Vorob'eva, S.A. Sycheva.

None of the lines of soil science could be developed without painstaking work of laboratory assistants, skilled grinders, talent engineers and technicians, most of which are women. Previously in pre-revolutionary period, some scientists considered necessary to point out name of an analyst in their publication. Unfortunately this tradition has been lost. However, the names of most remarkable experimenters and analysts are known.

These are E.I. Parfenova, A.M. Miasnikova, A.F. Molchanova, N.A. Pankova and many other.

Most talent women-scientists, who had also educational talent, formed their own schools of thoughts. The fact that some of them worked not in the educational, but in scientific organizations, did not occupy administrative positions and developed so called male lines of pedology soil genesis and evolution, soil reclamation and soil radioecology is especially amusing. These are Yevgenia Nikolaevna Ivanova, Nataliya Ivanovna Bazilevich, and Mariya Konstantinovna Mel'nikova.

Dozens of specialists prepared Ph.D. and doctoral theses under the guidance of E.N.

Ivanova. She formed school of thoughts including pedologists-geographers and geneticists of several generations. She brought up future academician I.P. Gerasimov, professors N.N.

Rozov and V.A. Targul'yan, doctors and candidates of sciences N.A. Nogina, I.V. Zaboeva, K.A. Ufimtseva, A.A. Yerokhina, N.A. Karavaeva and many other.

N.I. Bazilevich have brought up not less army of pedologists, specialists in landreclamation, and biogeocenologists, which work in different countries and propagandize her ideas. Professor M.K. Mel'nikova educated numerous disciples many of which were famous scientists, doctors and candidates of sciences. National school of soil radioecology, which typical feature is thorough quantitative calculation of all chemical, physical-chemical and physiological processes in biosphere was formed under her active part.

M.A. Glazovskaya is an outstanding educationalist. Her lectures and textbooks educated many generations of geographers and pedologists. She brought up about 40 candidates and doctors of sciences. A.F. Vadyunina brought up 80 specialists in soil physics, 30 candidates of sciences including the foreign ones (from India, Egypt and China). Professor L.G. Yelovskaya brought up 12 candidates and 5 doctors of sciences and formed her own school of pedologists and specialists in permafrost that was famous not only in the country, but abroad.

ۻ ()

Personal schools were formed by women-pedologists studying soil organic matter. The brightest women-representatives are M.M. Kononova (Soil Institute named after V.V.

Docuchaev, Moscow) and L.N. Aleksandrova (Leningrad Agricultural Institute). Many Ph.d.

and doctoral theses were defended under the guidance of M.M. Kononova. Scientists from the country and abroad (Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, GDR, China, Vietnam) worked on probation and were consulted in laboratory under her leadership. L.N. Aleksandrova prepared dozens of candidates and several doctors of sciences. Department of agrochemistry and soil science was reestablished by her efforts in 1965 in the Leningrad Agrochemical Institute, where she gave lectures and made reports.

Women-microbiologists also founded their schools of thoughts. A.A. Shtina is a founder of school of pedologists studying soil algae. This school comprised the specialists on soil algae and soil biology. Owing to A.A. Shtina's activity the Kirov Agricultural Institute was recognized as a center coordinating the studying of soil algae. Ph.D. theses were prepaired under the guidance of Amiliya Adrianovna. She gave lectures on soil algae in Kiev, Leningrad and Moscow Universities during several years. T.V. Aristovskaya was the teacher of 13 candidates of sciences and consulted the competitors for the degree of doctor. L.A. Khristeva graduated more than 50 candidates of agricultural and biological sciences and 2 doctors of sciences.

Women both from Moscow and other regions studied intensively agrochemistry, agropedology and soil reclamation. Talent educational specialist from Timiriazev Academy of Agricultural Science M.N. Pershina brought up 27 candidates of sciences, including the foreign ones, 3 doctors of agricultural science. 12 Ph.D. theses were defended under the guidance of L.I. Korableva and 7 Ph.D theses and 3 doctoral theses under the guidance of N.G. Minashina.

Ye.I. Shilova graduated 15 candidates of sciences. About 90 degree works were made under her guidance. 10 disciples of V.P. Firsova defended Ph.D. theses. About 100 degree works and 10 Ph.D. theses were prepared under the guidance of K.I. Trofimenko in the Gorsk University. Ukrainian pedologists and specialist in melioration A.V. Novikova brought up several candidates of sciences, two of which defended doctoral theses in succeeding years. 30 disciples defended their Ph.D. theses under the guidance of Byelorussian pedologist T.N. Kulakovskaya and 17 disciples under the guidance of T.A. Romanova.

Tomsk pedologist T.P. Slavina graduated 13 candidates of sciences and L.M. Burlakova candidates of sciences and 6 doctors of sciences. 10 Ph.D. theses were defended under the guidance of Uzbekistan pedologist Ye.K. Kruglova. In Tajikistan, L.P. Belyakova brought up many specialists in soil science.

Especially many remarkable educationalists work in the Moscow University. I.P.

Bab'eva brought up 20 candidates of sciences, T.I. Yevdokimova more than 100 students and 16 candidate of sciences, G.M. Zenova 14 candidate of sciences, T.A. Sokolova candidates of sciences, E.M. Samoylova 15 candidates of sciences, V.D. Vasil'evskaya 9 candidates of sciences, and L.A. Vorob'eva graduated 9 candidates of sciences.

Collaborators of Soil Institutes named after V.V. Dokuchaev did much for propagation of the new methods of soil researches, for example microscopic ones. I.I. Feofarova propagated these ideas among the pedologists, educated her numerous disciples regardless of her poor health. It is hard to find any pedologist managed micromorphological method, who has not been educated by I.I. Feofarova at least at initial stage of education. E.A.

Yarilova and E.I. Parfenova have brought up new generation of pedologists-genetics and pedologists-micromorphologists. In 50ies-70ies of the last century N.P. Bel'chikova graduated many students, probationers and post-graduate students, which became candidates and doctors of sciences in succeeding years. A.F. Mochalova brought up great number of disciples, which worked not only in all countries of the former USSR, but also in Hungary, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India and other states. Her name is associated with achievements in methods of preparation of soil thin sections.

It is hard to Russian woman, even if she is of outstanding managerial abilities, to be a leader, especially of high rank and especially in the capital, since stereotypes are still rather strong. Women began to prevail in pedology to 50-ies of last century and they have become to be appointed leaders since that period.

Greatest number of women-leaders could be found in the history of the central soil institute in Russia, i.e. of the Soil Institute named after V.V. Dokuchaev. L.I.

Korableva occupied most high positions. She was a deputy-director on science in 1967 1972, later in 19721979 she was head of department. The outstanding pedologist, the first woman-doctor of sciences and professor of pedology Ye.N. Ivanova became a head of department of soil geography, cartography and classification only at the age of 65 and directed this department since 1954 to 1971. Heads of departments were M.M. Kononova (soil biochemistry) in 19451976, K.V. D'yakonova in 19781997, V.V. Tserling, N.G. Minashina in 19741981 (later she was head of a section (soil reclamation) in 19811997), I.N. Lyubimova. The last woman is currently the only head of department among all womenpedologists in the country.

There were two women-heads of laboratories in the history of soil science in Pushchino that was a scientific center. These were Ye.V. Lobova, who directed laboratory of Soil mapping and geography in the Institute of Pedology and Agrochemistry in 1971 and T.L. Bystritskaya, who was a head of Soil and Biocenological laboratory in the Institute of Pedology and Photosynthesis in 19761989.

There were only two women, which occupied high positions in the history of the Moscow State University (MSU). These were M.A. Glazovskaya (Geographical department) and V.D. Vasil'evskaya (Soil Department). M.A. Glazovskaya gained experience of leadership rather early, when she worked in the Soil Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences of

ۻ ()

Kazakh SSR as a head of laboratory. She was committed to direct a chair of Physical Geography in the MSU and later in 1959 a chair of Soil Geography and Landscape Geochemistry.

She occupied this post during 28 years and graduated many generations of high-qualified specialists, candidates and doctors of sciences. V.D. Vasil'evskaya became the only woman-head of a chair in the Soil Department of the MSU.

In scientific organizations of Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad), the following women were the leaders in different years: Z.Ju. Shokal'skaya, K.E. Mel'nikova, Ye.I.

Shilova, L.N. Aleksandrova, V.V. Ponamareva, T.A. Plotnikova, N.N. Matinyan, L.P.

Kapel'kina and other. K.E. Mel'nikova directed a laboratory of Radioecology in the AgroPhysical Institute in 1957. Ye.I. Shilova was a deputy dean of a department in the Leningrad State University during the Great Patriotic War (19441945), later in 19711976 she was a head of a chair. L.N. Aleksandrova directed a chair of the Leningrad Agricultural Institute almost during 30 years (19491978). In those years the chair directed by this woman became one of the leading chairs in this sphere in Russia. Department of Agrochemistry and Soil Science in the Leningrad Agricultural Academy was reestablished by her efforts in 1965. N.N. Matinyan directed laboratory of soil geography in the Biological Scientific-Research Institute at the Saint Petersburg State University during 20 years.

Women-directors of scientific organizations appointed women heads of departments and laboratories more readily. For example, in the Central Museum of Soil Science named after V.V. Dokuchaev that was directed by Z.Yu. Shokal'skaya, heads of laboratories were V.V. Ponamareva, T.V. Aristovskaya, and T.A. Plotnikova.

Another example of succession of women-managers is the Komi Scientific Center of Ural Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Ye.N. Ivanova was at the origins of Soil Laboratory in Komi Branch of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. She was scientific head and her first disciple Olga Afanas'evna Polyntseva directed Soil Department. She dead early at the age of 45 and another disciple of Yevgeniya Nikolaevna I.V. Zaboeva took her place. Owing to her outstanding scientific and managerial abilities Iya Vasil'evna was appointed a director of the Institute of Biology of Komi Scientific Center of Ural Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR at the age of 40 and she stood at this position during 21 years.

Tradition to appoint women executive positions was typical for those scientific organizations and the higher Schools in Tomsk, Barnaul, Minsk, and Khar'kov, where talent women-scientists were at the very origins of soil science there.

T.P. Slavina was a head of department in the Tomsk State University in 19541956, 19671973, and in 19831988. When Scientific-Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics was inaugurated at the Tomsk State University (1968), she established and directed the laboratory of Soil genesis and appraisal. Her disciples L.M. Burlakova and L.I. Inisheva occupied executive positions. L.M. Burlakova was a dean of the Agronomic Department of the Altay State Agricultural University (ASAU) in 19771979. Since 1979 to present day she has been a head of Department of Pedology and Agrochemistry of the ASAU.

L.I. Inisheva, who is the only woman corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science, directs the laboratory of Peat and Ecology in the ScientificResearch Institute of Peat (Tomsk).

Women did a lot for science management. Many women took part in the leadership in All-Union (currently Docuchaev) Society of Soil Science. Women were vice-presidents, members of the Presidium and its executive secretaries, members of the Central Council, chairmen of the permanent commissions and subcommittees on various sections of soil science. Many regional departments of the Society were also headed (and are being headed currently) by women during a long period.

List of the women which have been elected the executive positions of the Society of Soil Science since 1958 to present day:

Vice-president of the Society: N.B. Vernander (19661971), M.A. Glazovskaya (1966 1977).

Members of the Presidium of Central Council: Ye.N. Ivanova (19581962), M.M. Kononova (19621971), L.N. Aleksandrova (19661981), I.V. Zaboeva (19711977), A.A. Shtina (19711977), M.A. Glazovskaya (19771981), T.N. Kulakovskaya (19771981), M.I. Andronova (19891996), N.P. Chizhikova (since 2000).

Executive secretaries of the Presidium: N.A. Nogina (19661971), M.S. Simakova (19711981), T.P. Kokovina (19811992), N.P. Chizhikova (19922000), I.N. Lyubimova (since 2000).

Heads of the permanent commissions and sub-commissions of the Society: L.N. Alexandrova commission on educative programs and methods of pedology and agrochemistry; M.I.

Gerasimova sub-commission on soil micromorphology; L.P. Kapel'kina sub-commission on re-cultivation of disturbed and polluted lands; T.V. Korolyuk sub-commission on remote sensing in soil science; N.G. Minashina VI commission (soil reclamation); G.V. Motuzova II commission (soil chemistry); N.A. Nogina V commission on pedometrics; I.N. Skrynnikova sub-commission on drainage of over-moistened soils; B.P. Striganova subcommission on soil zoology; N.P. Chizhikova VII commission (soil minerology); A.A.

Shtina III commission (soil biology).

Most famous heads of regional subdivisions of the Society: L.I. Akent'eva Voroshilovograd Branch; L.N. Aleksandrova, V.V. Ponamareva, and E.V. Shilova Leningrad Branch; A.B. Baranovskaya Kola Branch; A.P. Biryukova Saratov Branch; L.M. Burlakova Altay Branch; L.G. Yelovskaya Yakutiya Branch; I.V. Zaboeva Komi Branch; A.V. Koloskova Kazan Branch; T.N. Kulakovskaya Byelorussian Branch; P.M. Morozova Karelian Branch; T.P. Slavina Tomsk Branch; L.N. Tashninova Kalmyk Branch; K.I. Trofimenko

ۻ ()

North-Caucasian Branch; V.P. Firsofa Ekaterinburg Branch; V.V. Chuprova Krasnoyarsk Branch; A.A. Shtina Kirovsk Branch; L.L. Shchetinina Zhitomirsk Branch.

30 known women-pedologists have been elected Honorary Member of the All-Union and Dokuchaev Society of Pedologists since 1958, when first after the Great Patriotic War Congress of the Society took place, and up to the present day.

Role of scientific secretaries of the Society, which were N.A. Razorenova (1957 1964) and G.S. Pogodina (since 1964 till present day), is very important.

Role of the Scientific Council on the problems of soil science and land reclamation that is a central body coordinating the pedology in the Academy of Sciences is difficult to overestimate. Women-candidates of agricultural sciences have been the scientific secretaries of the Council since its establishment. These were V.P. Kostjuchenko (1965 1969), G.V. Zakhar'ina (19691977), and V.A. Obukhova (19772001). Immortal editor of the publications of the Council was N.D. Dunaeva.

Rewards, premiums and titles are the signs of public and scientific recognition of a scientist's achievements. It is pleasantly both for men and for women to be rewarded, especially if the rewards correspond with talent, efforts expended and real scientific results of a scientist.

The highest reward is the Golden Medal named after V.V. Docuchaev. It was presented only to two outstanding women-scientists. These were Ye.N. Ivanova (1972) and M.A. Glazovskaya (1990) [12].

The second by significance reward is premiums named after V.V. Dokuchaev. It was presented to 12 women-pedologists (Table 8). There are no possessors of the Golden Medals named after K.K. Gedroits and named after V.R. Vil'yams among the women-pedologists. Premiums named after V.R. Vil'yams was presented to women more often. The only laureates among the women-agrochemists were L.I. Korableva (the Golden Medal named after D.N. Prianishnikov) and V.V. Tserling (the premium named after D.N. Prianishnikov). Geographical premium named after D.N. Anuchin was presented to M.A. Glazovskaya and M.I. Gerasimova.

Botanical premiums named after V.M. Komarov was presented to N.I. Bazilevich. It is only E.A. Yarilova, who has been presented by International premium named after V. Kubiena.

More often women's achievements were marked by the State premiums of the USSR, Russia and other republics.

Women were conferred high scientific titles even rarer. None of the womenscientists were elected full member of the Great Academy of Sciences of the USSR (RAS).

Only T.N. Kulakovskaya was a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR. She was also an academician of the All-Union Academy of the Agriculture named after Lenin. Currently L.I. Inisheva is the only corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Agriculture. Few women were conferred a title Honored Scientific Worker of RSFSR or other republics. Even such outstanding scientists as M.M. Kononova, E.V.

Lobova, N.I. Bazilevich, and N.A. Nogina were not conferred this title.

Surely, as it is customary in Russia, highest state rewards orders are more often presented to women-heads (directors, heads of the chairs or departments). T.N.

Kulakovskaya who is a director of Byelorussian Scientific-Research Institute of Pedology and Agrochemistry is decorated with a highest government award Golden Star of the Hero of Socialistic Labor. Six women-pedologists were decorated with the Orders of Lenin. Most common rewards for women are the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and Badge of Honor.

Women-pedologists are not only scientists, but first of all they are women, so they are daughters, wives, and mothers. Thus major weight of cares of house and family, birth and bringing up of the children lies on them. This theme is so vast that requires special researches. Let us present only some facts.

Most of the women-pedologists have children, many of them two children; three children are less common. They took their little babies in expeditions or soil field stations.

Children watched mothers' keenness on travels or experiments, and love to nature. So they chose the same profession as their mothers.

M.A. Glazovskaya is not only the outstanding scientist, but also a remarkable mother. She brought up two sons-geographers. One of them is a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of the geographical science (N.F. Glazovskiy). The second one is a candidate of geographical science, research fellow of the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences (A.G. Glazovskiy). Ye.V. Lobova and I.P. Gerasimov have brought up a daughter M.I. Gerasimova, who is a Doctor of geographical Science, professor of the MSU. I.V. Yakushevskaya and G.V. Dobrovol'skiy have brought up two daughters, which have become pedologists, candidates of sciences: N.G. Dobrovol'skaya and T.G. Dobrovol'skaya. Daughter of N.I. Bazilevich is a Doctor of chemical science. E.A. Yarilova have brought up a daughter-pedologist L.S. Yarilova. I.V. Zaboeva have two daughters-twins, one of which is pedologist, candidate of biological sciences A.A. Gol'eva. V.V. Kellerman and S.V. Zonn have brought up two children. Their daughter has become famous geologist and son geographer of wide interests, geopolitician and public figure. G.V. Zakhar'ina have two children. Her son is a head of a chair of indology in the MSU, professor B.A. Zakhar'in and daughter is a high-skilled interpreter. N.A. Sirenko have brought up a daughter, paleogeographer. Daughter of T.A. Sokolova is pedologist. Son of O.A. Chichagova and V.P. Chichagov is a geogra ۻ () pher. Daughter of G.S. Pogodina is a pedologist, candidate of biological science O.Ju.

Baranova. Daughter of V.S. Arzhanova and P.V. Yepat'evskiy is also pedologist.

Wives of the famous scientists are also special great theme. Male success in professional sphere is closely related with his partner in life, with her ability to form home atmosphere favoring the scientific work, to keep family life, and with such her personal qualities as ability to be a good company and even opponent, secretary, typist, corrector and primary editor. Many of the famous scientists emphasized the significance of their wives for scientific achievements. V.V. Dokuchaev considered his wife to be the first woman-pedologist. However, some wives of the outstanding scientists sacrificed their own careers to husbands' success. It is rare case, when both husband and wife achieved great scientific results.

Many women-pedologists are obliged to the parents' keenness on soil science. I.P.

Bab'eva, L.F. Lebedeva, N.N. Matinian, and A.A. Shtina are daughters of the agronomists.

B.R. Striganova is a daughter of biologists. Z.Yu. Shokal'skaya is a daughter of famous geographer, honorary academician Yu.M. Shokal'skiy. O.N. Mikhaylovskaya is a daughter of famous writer, nature-lover N.G. Garin-Mikhaylovskiy. V.N. Dimo is a daughter of the outstanding pedologist and specialist in land reclamation, academician N.A. Dimo. A.A.

Yerokhina is a daughter of the famous orientalist. T.P. Slavnina is a daughter of ethnographer and archeologist P.P. Slavnin. Ye.S. Migunova is a daughter of geochemist S.M.

Grigor'ev. T.G. Mirchink is a daughter of the famous pedologist, professor Ye.S. Rubilin.

Ye.N. Savvinova is a daughter of pedologist N.I. Savvinov, who was killed during the Great Patriotic War. I.N. Lyubimova is a daughter of pedologist, professor N.G. Zyrin and pedologist V.N. Lyubimova. E.S. Vasilenko is a daughter of famous pedologist S.P. Yarkov.

N.N. Fedorova is a daughter of pedologist N.L. Poyasov. I.V. Kovda is a daughter of pedologist, corresponding member V.A. Kovda. This list could be continued.

Some families comprise even three generations of pedologists. For example, these are the Yarilovs and the Rode-Sokolovs.

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